KIMERAA Project Ends!

The KIMERAA project has ended in 2014. The project transnational team ...

KIMERAA's Sea Directory to be Managed by EurOcean

KIMERAA's Sea Directory was migrated to EurOcean server. This was a ...

KIMERAA Introduces the Business Model of Network ENKTAA

The partnership of the project KIMERAA developed a proposal of a ...

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This area is reserved for detailed information on concrete activities that will be develop during the project implementation period. This area is divided into five groups of activities.

  • Activity 1 | Project Management and Coordination
    • The activities of management and coordination oversee the work of the KIMERAA project. These activities are related with the organisation of project meetings, project reports, administrative and financial management and implementation of the objectives and the specific activities as defined within the approved application.

  • Activity 2 | Maritime Clusters: Innovation Actors and Institutions in Atlantic Area
    • This activity is based around a study into the identification and analysis of actors and institutions that constitute innovation systems in Maritime Clusters and Marine Sciences in participating regions.

      • European Initiatives to Excellence in Maritime Cluster
      • Maritime Clusters - Institutions and Innovation Actors in the Atlantic ...
  • Activity 3 | Conception of a Competencies and Services Catalogue in Marine Sciences and Clusters in Atlantic Area
    • The objective is to create a common catalogue of `Competencies and Services` to facilitate the development of specific niches of excellence in the Maritime sector. The specific goal is to create an information web tool that can stimulate the efficient matching of demand and supply of innovation and knowledge-based services in the marine sector.

      • Sea Directory - Usage Guide
      • Traditional Knowledge in Atlantic Area to Support Marine Science
      • Marine Research to Increase Competitiveness of Atlantic Regional ...
  • Activity 4 | Creation of the European Network of Knowledge Transfer in Atlantic Area (ENKTAA)
    • The main objective of this is to create linkages across the European Atlantic Area in the Marine Sector and facilitate the sharing and transfer of quality knowledge in marine science, stimulating co-operation and strengthening the contribution of maritime clusters and science to the economic, environmental and social development of the Atlantic Area.

      • ENKTAA Presentation Flyer
      • Guide to Spinning-off and Licensing Intangible Assets
      • Knowledge Needs and Innovation in the Maritime Economy
      • ENKTAA Business Model
  • Activity 5 | Communication
    • This activity is dedicated to Communication and Dissemination tasks. Actions carried out under this component are aimed at the dissemination of KIMERAA’s activities and achievements to relevant stakeholders in Europe.

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